endings and beginnings are like pb&j…

…they go hand in hand. This marks the last day of classes for my first semester here at Dallas Seminary. Recently though, a new journey has been initiated regarding what God has for me relationally and socially. No matter the context or implications of a relationship, the true indication is when you decide how much you are willing to invest into it. How much do you invest in your relationships with people? Friends, family, romantic interests…do you have a superficial coating applied to try and protect yourself from past hurt? Do you freely give everything without a care? You might be surprised at the answers given across the spectrum regarding such a question…and even more surprised at the results from those different answers. One thing I know is that there is a line between trying to stay culturally and socially relevant, and truly surrendering everything to the One who already has surrendered all for us. Whether that line should exist is not the issue, the issue is how you deal with it. Where are you on the scale of relational investment? How do your endings and beginnings flow with each other…are they bitter? Synthetic? Random? How much of your life is dictated by your relational involvement? In a post-modern world, “relationship” is a word thrown out in speech far too casually. Don’t abuse that word, it’s more powerful than sword OR pen.


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