why taste buds might be overrated

It’s been almost 96 hours to the minute since I last walked out of Chipotle’s doors. Coming up on 72 hours since I had a dream about Chipotle. I am slowly making progress in this 40-day trek of fasting from something that has brought me so much happiness. I know that many of you will never understand the love between a man and his burrito, let alone my particular culinary obsession. However, my own understanding and thought-process within the past few days has granted me access to some viewpoints I rarely consider…and that I usually stray from whenever they ARE considered.

My perspective on obtaining joy in life has been centered around how much success I have in using my God-given talents and abilities for the benefit of those around me. This inevitably leaves a sour taste in my mouth when I am unsuccessful in one specific circumstance or another, with the sourness typically distilled only by the next success I achieve. I realize this is a trapped, dreary way to live my life; however, I cannot help wondering how many of you felt like you were looking in the mirror as you read that. Even for those who find hope in the resurrection, it is hard to escape the performance-based guidelines the culture commonly uses to evaluate our “usefulness.” Within our circles of influence, there are always people who just seem to have things more together than we do. Want some free advice? They will always exist in every group you join, every team you lead, and likely in most buildings you step foot in…and I personally don’t like the odds. Since going toe-to-toe with everyone more successful than you is a wasted venture, how about switching your perspective?

This is what I’ve had to do lately, as I refuse to be subjugated any longer by unrealistic expectations which will continue to exist for generations to come. I am now aiming my perspective toward being grateful for every opportunity I receive to utilize my gifts and talents, while trying to realize that failure hopefully brings constructive feedback from those who ARE more successful than me, and gives me a better shot for success as I journey through life. My grateful feelings grow exponentially when I realize how much I’ve been blessed with in terms of possession, relationship, and general functionality.

“Jeff, you got all that from not eating Chipotle for 4 days?” Not directly, but I figure that temporary changes can bring about a decent catalyst for setting permanent ones.


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