thanks a 21,536!

I would have said “thanks a million,” but I enjoy being precise whenever possible. Why 21,536? That’s how many people were able to have clean drinking water for a day, all because of the time and effort YOU gave for my Charity: Water partnership via my blog link.

By participating in free voting and awareness activities for other charities, SocialVibe provided enough funds to raise 10,768 gallons of clean water for Charity: Water. This charity, which I learned about over 5 months ago, has developed and maintained a formula that allows for 100% of public donations to go toward drilling wells in Africa. They are planning to expand outside of Africa eventually, but since a large majority of the continent is without clean water, they have chosen it as a logical starting point.

Now, this water is also used for cooking, bathing, and other things besides drinking. But, no matter how it’s used, clean water is absolutely essential to life. Did you know that the smaller countries in Africa have an average of 4,000-20,000 people? You guys could have literally supplied clean water to multiple African countries. That’s awesome!

Due to unfortunate technical setbacks and lagging updates, I had to remove the SocialVibe link. However, I wanted to thank all of you for helping to achieve this awesome milestone for people in our global community. Please visit to learn how a few dollars goes a long way in helping the one billion people worldwide who lack access to clean water.

Truly and sincerely…thank you!


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