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The American church is redefining itself in a culture that’s not only post-modern, but increasingly post-Christian. Now, more than ever, followers of Jesus need to be proactive with preparation…and not just reactive against the symptoms of our culture’s changing tide. Who needs the most preparation? The young generations – who will soon replace us in the roles of church leadership.

Children and youth have often been referred to as the “church of tomorrow,” which has recently been appropriately edited to “not just the church tomorrow, but the church today.” Great…children and youth are in the body of Christ. Check.

So what are we doing to not only teach and volunteer with them, but also make them a central part of our church visions?

Kara Powell, Jake Mulder, and Brad Griffin published a book in 2016 entitled Growing Young. The book was founded on research that while people ages 15-29 make up at least 20% of our country, they make-up 10% or less of our churches. The American church is aging, and consequently shrinking.

This blog will hopefully shed some light on how the local church can help invest intentionally in the upcoming generations, so that the future and the present can thrive. Please feel free to comment and/or e-mail the author at jeffdharding@gmail.com. Partnering and networking together to help fellow ministry leaders, volunteers and parents with practical steps is a powerful method to aid our local churches into truly making disciples.

Looking forward to encouraging dialogue. May God bless your investments!